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No land or building in any district shall be used or occupied in such a manner as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable fire, explosive, or other hazard; noise or vibration; smoke, dust, odor, or other form of air pollution; heat, cold dampness, electrical or other substances, conditions or elements which would affect adversely the surrounding area or adjoining premises; the foregoing are hereinafter referred to as “dangerous or objectionable elements”. No use shall be undertaken or maintained unless it conforms to the regulations of this Section in addition to the regulations set forth for the district in which such use is situated.

A. Performance standards procedure. Every use in the City of Petaluma must conform with the performance standards set forth below. Provisions to enforce compliance with performance standards shall be invoked by the Community Development Director or his designee against any use if there are reasonable grounds to believe that performance standards are being violated by such use.

B. Locations where determinations are to be made for enforcement of performance standards. Measurements necessary for enforcement of performance standards set forth in Section 21.040(A-D), shall be taken at the following points:

1. At the lot line of the establishment or use in any district except in I and BP Districts.

2. In the I and BP Districts, five hundred (500) feet from the establishment or use, or at the boundary of the district, if closer to the establishment or use, or at any point within an adjacent non-industrial district.