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Laboratory - Medical, Analytical, Testing. A facility for testing, analysis, and/or research. Examples of this use include medical labs, soils and materials testing labs, and forensic labs.

Laboratory – Cannabis. Testing laboratories that offer or perform testing of cannabis or cannabis products in accordance with Petaluma Municipal Code sections 10.15.020 and 10.15.040, and the current City of Petaluma Cannabis Permit Regulations.

Laundry, Dry Cleaning Plant. A service establishment engaged primarily in high volume laundry and garment services, including: carpet and upholstery cleaners; diaper services; dry cleaning and garment pressing; commercial laundries; linen supply. These facilities may include accessory customer pick-up facilities. These facilities do not include coin operated laundries or dry cleaning pick up stores without dry cleaning equipment; see "Personal Services."

Library, Museum, Art Gallery. A public or quasi-public facility, examples of which include: aquariums, arboretums, art galleries and exhibitions, botanical gardens, historic sites and exhibits, libraries, museums, planetariums, and zoos. May also include accessory retail uses such as a gift/book shop, restaurant, etc.

Lot or Parcel. A recorded lot or parcel of real property lawfully created as required by applicable Subdivision Map Act and City ordinance requirements, including this Zoning Ordinance. Types of lots include the following:

Corner Lot. A lot located at the intersection of two or more streets, where they intersect at an interior angle of not more than 135 degrees. If the intersection angle is more than 135 degrees, the lot is an interior lot.

Flag Lot. A lot having access from the building site to a public street by means of private right-of-way strip.

Interior Lot. A lot abutting only one street.

Reverse Corner Lot. A corner lot the side line of which is substantially a continuation of the front property line of the first lot to its rear.

Double Frontage Lot. An interior lot with frontage on two generally parallel streets.

Lot Area. Gross lot area is the total area included within the lot lines of a lot, exclusive of adjacent dedicated street rights of way. Net lot area is the gross area of the lot, exclusive of:

1. Easements for streets or driveways that are not for the exclusive use of the lot on which the easement is located:

2. The access strip required to serve a flag lot.

Lot, Depth. The average linear (or mean horizontal) distance between the front and rear lot line lines or between the front lot line and the intersection of the two side lot lines if there is no rear not line.

Lot Frontage. The property line of a site abutting a street, other than the street side line of a corner lot.

Lot, Width. The horizontal distance between the side lot lines.

Lot Line or Property Line. Any recorded boundary of a lot. The types of lot lines are as follows:

Front Lot Line. On an interior lot, the property line separating the parcel from the street. The front line on a corner lot is the line with the shortest frontage. If the street fronting lot lines of a corner lot are equal in length, the front lot line shall be determined by the Director. On a double frontage lot, both lot lines are front lot lines and the lot is considered to have no rear lot line.

Interior Lot Line. Any lot line not abutting a street that is not a rear lot line.

Rear Lot Line. A property line that does not intersect the front lot line, which is most distant from and most closely parallel to the front lot line.

Side Lot Line. Any lot line that is not a front or a rear lot line.

Street Side Lot Line. On a corner lot, the lot line with the longest frontage.