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Bank, Financial Services. Financial institutions including:

banks and trust companies

other investment companies

credit agencies

securities/commodity contract brokers and dealers

holding (but not primarily operating) companies

security and commodity exchanges

lending and thrift institutions

vehicle finance (equity) leasing agencies

See also, "Automated Teller Machine."

Bar/Tavern. A business where alcoholic beverages are sold for on-site consumption, which are not part of a larger restaurant. Includes bars, taverns, pubs, and similar establishments where any food service is subordinate to the sale of alcoholic beverages. May also include beer brewing as part of a microbrewery. Does not include adult oriented businesses (also see “Night Club”).

Bed and Breakfast Inn (B&B). A residential structure with one household in permanent residence, with three or more bedrooms furnished for compensation for overnight lodging, where meals may be provided subject to applicable Health Department regulations. Does not include room rental, which is separately defined (see “Rooming, Lodging, Boarding House, or Short-Term Vacation Rental”).

Bedroom. Any space in the conditioned area of a dwelling unit or accessory structure located along an exterior wall, but not including the following: hall; bathroom; kitchen; living room, dining room, family room, laundry room, closet/dressing room opening off of a bedroom. If a home office, library or similar room is proposed, it may be exempted from being considered a bedroom if there is no closet and at least one of the following is present: a) a minimum 4 foot opening, without doors, into another room; or b) a half wall (4 foot maximum height) between the room and another room. A detached building which contains only a half bath will not routinely be considered as having a bedroom unless it is specifically identified and permitted as a guest house.

Block. The properties abutting on one side of a street and lying between the two nearest intersecting or intercepting streets, or nearest intersecting or intercepting street and railroad right-of-way, unsubdivided land, or watercourse.

Building. See “structure

Building Height. Measured as the vertical distance between the average finish grade and the midpoint between the eaves and ridge of a gambrel, hip or gable roof, or the highest point of a flat or shed roof, or the ridge of the roofline of a mansard roof. When either of the following occurs, a dormer shall also be considered a roof for the purposes of determining building height:

the width of the roof of the dormer exceeds 49% of the width of the roof of the building; or

the width of the dormer measured from building wall to building wall exceeds 49% of the width of the building measured from building wall to building wall.

All building elevations are required to comply with the height limit for the zoning district in which the property is located.

Building and Landscape Materials Sales-Indoor. See “General Retail

Building and Landscape Materials Sales-Outdoor. See “Storage-Yard, Outdoor

Business Support Service. An establishment within a building that provides services to other businesses. Examples of these services include:


film processing and photo finishing (retail)

computer related services (rental, repair)

protective services

copying and quick printing services

security systems service