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Park. City owned land whose primary purpose is recreation, includes, but is not limited to, playfields and courts, swimming pools, recreational facilities, community gardens, playgrounds, trails, and nature preserves.

Parking Facility, Public or Commercial. Includes both day use and long-term public and commercial garages, parking lots and structures, except when accessory to a primary use. (All primary uses are considered to include any customer or public use off-street parking required by the Zoning Code). Also include “park and ride” lots. Does not include dismantling yards.

Performance Standards. Regulations for the control of “dangerous or objectionable elements” as defined in Article XX.

Personal Services. Establishments providing non medical services to individuals as a primary use. Examples of these uses include:

barber and beauty shops

massage (licensed, therapeutic, non-sexual)

clothing rental

pet grooming with no boarding

dry cleaning pick up stores with limited equipment

shoe repair shops

home electronics and small appliance repair


laundromats (self service laundries)

tanning salons


These uses may also include accessory retail sales of products related to the services provided.

Personal Services - Restricted. Personal services that may tend to have a potentially offensive effect upon surrounding areas and which may need to be dispersed to minimize their adverse impacts. Examples of these uses include:

check cashing stores

soup kitchens

fortune tellers

spas and hot tubs for hourly rental

palm and card readers

tattoo and body piercing services


Petroleum Product Storage and Distribution. A facility for the bulk storage and wholesale distribution of gasoline, diesel fuel, and/or other fuels and petroleum products.

Plant Nursery. A commercial agricultural establishment engaged in the production of ornamental plants and other nursery products, grown under cover either in containers or in the soil on the site, or outdoors in containers. The outdoor production of ornamental plants in the soil on the site is instead included under "Crop Production, Horticulture, Orchard, Vineyard." Also includes establishments engaged in the sale of these products (e.g., wholesale and retail nurseries) and commercial-scale greenhouses. The sale of house plants or other nursery products entirely within a building is also included under "General Retail."

Printing and Publishing. A small scale establishment engaged in printing by letterpress, lithography, gravure, screen, offset, or electrostatic (xerographic) copying; and other establishments serving the printing trade such as bookbinding, typesetting, engraving, photoengraving and electrotyping. This use also includes establishments that publish newspapers, books and periodicals; establishments manufacturing business forms and binding devices. "Quick printing" services are included in the definition of "Business Support Services."

Public Safety Facility. A facility operated by a public agency including fire stations, other fire prevention and fire fighting facilities, police and sheriff substations and headquarters, including interim incarceration facilities.