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Signs and advertising structures not in conformity with Sections 20.010 through 20.110 are deemed sufficiently objectionable, undesirable, and out of character in the district in which such use is located so as to depreciate the value of other property and uses permitted in the district, and impair the proper and orderly development and general welfare of such district and the community. Therefore, each such non-conforming sign use or structure shall be discontinued within ninety (90) days unless a sign permit is obtained pursuant to Sections 20.120 here in, or was obtained pursuant to prior ordinance. The time period shall be measured from the effective date of this section. Non-conforming signs for which sign permits have been obtained shall be subject to all other requirements of this chapter.

Billboards, outdoor advertising structures:

A. Painted on buildings, walls or fences, two (2) years.

B. All other signs and outdoor advertising structures, three (3) years.