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Landscaping refers to planting and related improvements such as pools, walkways, rock work, sculpture, etc., provided for the purpose of beautifying and enhancing property, for the control of erosion and the reduction of glare.

A. When an area is required to be landscaped under the terms of this Ordinance, the requirement may be met by the installation and maintenance as set forth below, of a combination of shrubs, trees, vines, lawn or other ground cover, water surfaces and paved or graveled surfaces provided that such graveled area shall not cover more than ten (10) percent of the area required to be landscaped.

B. Plant materials shall be selected from among those species and varieties known to thrive in the Petaluma climate. The Zoning Administrator (Director) may require the substitution of any plant material which she/he has reason to believe will not survive successfully under the particular conditions of the site in question.

C. Whenever street trees are required to be installed, such street trees shall conform to the street tree planting plan of the City of Petaluma in terms of variety, size and spacing, or if the plan is not applicable, shall be selected from a list of approved street trees supplied by the Community Development Department.