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Section 1. Code Applicability

This section is included in your selections.
This section is included in your selections.

Proposed development, subdivisions, and new land uses within the Transect Zones shall comply with all applicable requirements of this Code, as follows.

A. Zoning Map. The Zoning Map in Section 2 of this Code shows the zones that differentiate standards for building placement, design, and use; and identifies the specific parcels included within each zone.

B. Building Function Standards. The Building Function Standards in Section 3 identify the land uses allowed by the City in each of the zones established by the Zoning Map. A parcel shall be occupied only by land uses identified as allowed within the applicable zone by Section 3 of this Code.

C. Urban Standards. The Urban Standards in Section 4 regulate the aspects of each private building that affect the public realm. The standards vary according to the zone applied to each parcel by the Zoning Map. The Urban Standards regulate building placement and facade design, determine the number of required parking spaces, identify the types of civic spaces to be provided within the Transect Zones, and provide standards for landscaping. In certain cases, the Urban Standards also regulate how certain land use types must be operated to ensure their compatibility with adjacent uses.

D. Thoroughfare Standards. The Thoroughfare Standards in Section 5 regulate the design of streets and other public ways within the Transect Zones, including both new thoroughfares and changes to existing thoroughfares. These standards include specifications and dimensions that define the type, character, and capacity of vehicle, cycling, and pedestrian ways. Compliance with the standards of Section 5 is required for vehicular ways, bikeways, sidewalks, planters, street trees, and street lights, where these improvements are required through the City approval of a subdivision or other development.

E. Landscaping and Utility Standards. The Landscape and Utility Standards in Section 4.60 regulate the street trees, planters, and utilities within the Transect Zones.

F. Parking Standards. The Parking Standards and Procedures in Section 6 regulate the design and location of required parking facilities.

G. Historic Preservation Standards. Changes to historic structures shall comply with the standards in Section 7 of this Code.

H. Design Review. All buildings and associated site improvements within the Central Petaluma Specific Plan boundaries are subject to site plan and architectural review and approval, as outlined in Petaluma Implementing Zoning Ordinance Section 24.010. Refer to the Architectural Guidelines (Appendix B of the Central Petaluma Specific Plan) for example illustrations and information on architectural character in the specific plan area.

I. Civic Buildings. Civic buildings are exempt from this code as it applies to urban standards. (Ord. 2729 § 2, 2020.)