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All telecommunication facilities shall be sited so as to minimize the effect on environmental resources. To that end the following measures shall be implemented for all telecommunication facilities, except exempt facilities as defined in Section 14.44.020(S)(1):

A. No telecommunications facility or related improvements including but not limited to access roads and power lines shall be sited so as to create a significant threat to the health or survival of rare, threatened or endangered plant or animal species;

B. No telecommunications facility or related improvements shall be sited such that their construction will damage an archaeological site or have an adverse effect on the historic character of a historic feature or site;

C. No telecommunications facility shall be sited such that its presence threatens the health or safety of migratory birds;

D. The facility shall comply with all applicable city floodplain, floodway and storm drainage and erosion control regulations;

E. Potential adverse visual impacts which might result from project related grading or road construction shall be minimized;

F. Potential adverse impacts upon nearby public use areas such as parks or trails shall be minimized; and

G. Drainage, erosion, and sediment controls shall be required as necessary to abide soil erosion and sedimentation of waterways. Structures and roads on slopes of ten percent or greater shall be avoided. Erosion control measures shall be incorporated for any proposed facility which involves grading or construction near a waterway or on lands with slopes over ten percent. Natural vegetation and topography shall be retained to the extent feasible.

(Ord. 2029 NCS (part), 1996.)