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The purpose and intent of this chapter is to provide a uniform and comprehensive set of standards for the development of telecommunication facilities and installation of antennas. The regulations contained herein are designed to protect and promote public health, safety, community welfare and the aesthetic quality of Petaluma as set forth within the goals, objectives and policies of the Petaluma general plan; while at the same time not unduly restricting the development of needed telecommunications facilities and important amateur radio installations and encouraging managed development of telecommunications infrastructure to insure Petaluma’s role in the evolution of technology. It is also the stated intent of this chapter to provide a public forum to insure a balance between public concerns and private interest in establishing telecommunication and related facilities.

It is furthermore intended that, to all extent permitted by law, the city shall apply these regulations to specifically accomplish the following:

A. Protect the visual character of the city from the potential adverse effects of telecommunication facility development and minor antenna installation;

B. Insure against the creation of visual blight within or along the city’s scenic corridors and ridgelines;

C. Retain local responsibility for and control over the use of public rights-of-way to protect citizens and enhance the quality of their lives.

D. Protect the inhabitants of Petaluma from the possible adverse health effects associated with exposure to high levels of NIER (non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation);

E. Protect the environmental resources of Petaluma;

F. Insure that a competitive and broad range of telecommunications services and high quality telecommunications infrastructures are provided to serve the business community;

G. Create and preserve telecommunication facilities that will serve as an important and effective part of Petaluma’s emergency response network;

H. Simplify and shorten the process for obtaining necessary permits for telecommunication facilities while at the same time protecting the legitimate interests of Petaluma citizens;

I. Provide for the charging of reasonable, competitively neutral, nondiscriminatory fees for use of the public right-of-way by telecommunication providers; and,

J. Provide for the maximization of access and usability of an internet web site for the city of Petaluma.

(Ord. 2029 NCS (part), 1996.)