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The purpose of this chapter is to clarify the position of the city of Petaluma in regard to the use of electric-assisted bicycles and push scooters within the city limits of Petaluma. These devices shall be treated as bicycles, and be subject to the same regulations and provisions governing bicycles within the city. These transportation devices offer safe, pollution-free mobility to all residents. The city council finds that overdependence on automobiles is harming the health of its residents, the peaceful ambience of our community, and the surrounding environment. Electric bikes and scooters offer mobility for those who are physically unable or otherwise unwilling to drive or ride a pedal-only bicycle, while offering all residents relief from traffic congestion, reduction in air pollution, reduction in noise, and improved quality of life. Over one hundred thirty United States law enforcement agencies, including the city of Petaluma’s police department, deploy electric-assisted bicycles in their daily patrols, and find them to be both useful and safe. (Ord. 2080 NCS §1, 1999.)